Internet Heroes of Genius

During my first week at draftLine, my team was tasked with resurrecting the very campaign that made me want to pursue a career in advertising. We launched with eight scripts, placed across YouTube, Spotify, social, reddit, and Hulu.

Co-written with Anthony Perrin

Live Twitter Launch

We launched with a live Twitter activation in asking users to tweet us why they’re an Internet Hero…then we sang their praises in real time.



Brand: Bud Light

Digital Director: Conor Mason

Digital Brand Manager: Lindsay Cozen

Brand Manager: Kate Sanner

Strategist: Anthony Perrin

Copywriter: Pete Pirone

Designer: GT Smith

Agency Partner: Red, a Division of Endeavor Global Marketing

Agency Group AD: Noah Roper

Agency ECD: Roni Sebastian

Agency ACD: James Littlejohn, Patrick Cho

Producer: Katie Leonard

Production Company: 160over90

Singer: Brandon Beilis

Voice: Dave Steele